Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photo of the week, June 22nd

The lakeside community of Kete Krachi recently cleared their abandoned runway and returned it to a usable condition, led by the DCE, Kwame Moses Ponye, and assisted by school children as well as volunteer workers and aviators. This historical runway, not used in over ten years, offers a vital emergency contact as well as investment potential to this otherwise challenging to reach location. Less than 250km from Accra, or an hour or less by air, the community is more than 12 hours away by road. Kudos to the people of Kete Krachi, and we wish you well with your applications to re-open this vital facility for your people. Medicine on the Move hopes to operate regular health education related flights between Kete Krachi and Kpong, in the Eastern Region. Photo courtesy Medicine on the Move

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