Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Photo of the week, March 14th

Tomorrow, March 15th 2012, marks a major milestone in Ghana, the First National Schistosomiasis Forum to be held at Akosombo, where the future of these and many other affected people in Ghana will be the focal point... providing education, treatment and reducing the risks of infection/re-infection, battling the second most socio-economic devastating parasitic disease in Ghana, together... Avoidance and prevention is, in theory, simple; stay out of contact with infected water and avoid your own 'toilet activities' reaching the water. The practice is not so easy when this is the only source for drinking, washing, bathing, cooking and there are few planned toilet facilities... These children and the many like them across the nation, must be brought into focus, in full colour, for full appreciation of the challenges ahead.

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