Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photo of the week, June 13th 2012

Rice is life... and for the many rural dwellers who grow rice on a small scale it is a lot of work too! From the nursery beds, through the planting out, scaring the birds away, managing the flood levels of the fields, wading in the mud rogue-ing the fields, harvest by hand, winnow by hand and dry on an available flat spot. An endless cycle to provide a small store of the 'fast food' that is rapidly replacing many of the more traditional starch sources in the Ghanaian diet. However, such farming may also increase the risk of exposure to Schistosomiasis and potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes... Education remains key to ensuring that the changes in our farming practices do not increase our health challenges. Change is necessary. So is change management. Access to education is key. Photo Courtesy of Medicine on the Move

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