Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Photo of the week August 22th, 2012

Birds continue to rule the air. Their grace; their beauty; their precision; their instincts; all provide a magnificent displayin skies throughout the world, everyday. No human machine comes close to the bird and its ability in the skies. All the same, birds inspire us, despite their clear superiority. Reaching for the sky, soaring in the heavens is a dream that only comes true for those who are dedicated and committed; those with the courage and determination to make it a reality. If you are inspired, even by a creature or person who's abilities seem beyond your wildest dreams, take a strong hold of that inspiration, clutch it tight and run with it. Who knows, you may just fly! Photo courtesy of Patricia Mawuli Nyekodzi, pilot, engineer and instructor - inspiring and helping to make dreams come true.

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