Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Photo of the week Novenber 21st, 2012

Normally we look down from the skies on this image-slot, but this week we are looking up, and seeing a different detail! As shown by this Mango tree in Mepe, growing near the River Volta, the fruits are beginning to hang on the trees in abundance, just as the minor rains come to an end and the dusty blur of Harmattan begins to drift down from the North. The crops will be harvested, and stores filled, as we all prepare for the dryness that will grip us for the next few months, unless of course the weather patterns are disrupted again! Watch the skies, fields and fences for the migratory birds that herald the beginning of 'dryer times' - white Cattle Egrets, multi-coloured Bee Eaters and the many other seasonal birds that mark the changes, bringing interest, movement and their own kind of music with them! Photo Courtesy AvTech Academy

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