Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Photo of the week December 12th, 2012

As the Harmattan finally creeps down across the Volta Basin, laying its sound-proofing, light-diffusing blanket over the countryside, the thousands of communities around the lake, many small and isolated, have a new hope for 2013. Two new ferries entered service last week, one on a new route from Kete Krachi, and another to replace the ageing machine at Adowso, implemention commences for significant infrastructural investment and development of the Lake areas. Next year is scheduled to be a year of change - change that will stir many of the dormant resource aspects of the massive Lake Volta, awakening new services to the nation, and new opportunities for the people. Photo Courtesy of Medicine on the Move

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  1. Sounds good, hopefully they can get better access to the outside soon)