Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Photo of the week May 8th, 2013

In 1952 Ghana sent its first student pilots to the Island of Juist, off the coast of Germany, to learn to fly. There they were taught by, amongst others, Hans Kolde (left). Last week Patricia Mawuli (right), a flying instructor at Kpong, flew to the island with two of her student pilots, and together were seeped in the history of Ghana's aviation heritage, whilst learning new skills. Patricia and Hans shared stories about the challenges of flight training as the 87 year old paused on his bicycle tour of the islands busy airfield. As he recounted his tales, the fond memories of training Ghanaians over 50 years ago were pristine, and surrounded by pride of being a part of the development of an aviation infrastructure, that today is growing sustainably. Last year George Manu from Ghana and Joerg Bohn from the island of Juist, flew a four seat aircraft from Juist to Ghana to celebrate the 50th anniversary of those very students. It was clear from the visit to Juist that every Ghanaian is an ambassador and those from our history did a great job in making the nation proud. Photo Courtesy of the AvTech Academy (providing Vocademic Apprenticeships in Aviation and Engineering for rural girls).

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