Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Photo of the week June 26th, 2013

Yogaga sits majestically on the West bank of the Volta, standing guard over the Kpong Hydroelectric damn. It dominates the landscape of Lower Manya Krobo. The North face is well covered with trees, being a forest reserve, but the southern face is comparatively naked from logging and other activities. At the Eastern base there is an active latterite pit, used to supply filling material for many tracks and dirt roads. The mountain is not very tall, just under 1500', yet is still the source of orographic precipitation (rain caused by the warm, moist air being forced up and over terrain). For pilots flying Visual Flight Rules (VFR) it is a point of reference from Dodowa to Akosombo, and from Koforidua to Battor - provided the visibility is good! All the same, this resource is not frequented by tourists and remains one of Ghana's hidden treasures. Photo courtesy of WAASPS Ltd

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