Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Photo of the week October 30th, 2013

The only people who really 'make money', as in generate wealth, in a society are the ones who grow things, extract things, transform things or produce things. All others simply 'take money' on the back of these industries. Real economic growth is inextricably linked to industrial growth. Service industries are not able to provide independent, sustainable, economic generation, such activities are more about 'economic transfer' - and that includes trading. Just buying and selling does not create sustainable economic growth. Without the primary (extractive) and secondary (transformation) industries, the tertiary (service, trading and banking) industries will rapidly collapse.

Here we see a Teak plantation in the Eastern Region, sadly it is poorly maintained, yet forestry is an excellent source of long term revenue growth and sustainable livelihoods - but only for those who are ready to work the land, to toil and sweat - with a along term vision. Without more farmers, engineers, miners and factory workers, economic progress and sustainability will be forever limited. Let us promote our economic growth by encouraging entrepreneurial agricultural and industrial developments - and supporting the real producers of Ghana's wealth. 

Photo courtesy of WAASPS Ltd,

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