Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fresh Air Matters Returns

Since my last post a lot has changed, and it is now time to revive the concept of regular does of Fresh Air Matters.

I am now based in Europe, and enjoy power and water 'on demand' - which makes a big difference to day to day life!  Furthermore, I am surrounded by many more aviators, engineers and aviation enthusiasts - which is both refreshing and invigorating!

However, I find myself observing the same challenges in everyday life - and that of those around me - which can be brilliantly addressed by 'thinking like an aviator'.  Hence, it is clearly time to revive this page with a 'first world perspective'!

If you are wondering 'What happened to the book?', well it is nearing completion, and should be available for Christmas - but that is another story - or a lot of stories!

So, keep watching this page, and soon, very soon, the concept of Fresh Air Matters in the European context will be spilling from my fingertips, through the plastic keys of a 102 key-keyboard onto these pages.

Captain Yaw


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