Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Photo of the week, August 24th

These five young ladies from Kete Krachi are undergoing training at Kpong Airfield in 'Rural airfield safety; maintenance and operations' in preparation for the re-opening of their facility on the shores of Lake Volta. Here they are carrying out a FOD (Foreign Object Debris) walk, an essential safety component for any airfield operations. Without a well prepared ground team and well maintained ground facility, air operations are put in jeopardy. Thanks go to Volta Lake Transport Company for supporting their transport costs, to Medicine on the Move for sponsoring their food and supplies and to WAASPS for providing the course and accommodation. As part of their week long exposure they will also cover basic aircraft operations and an introduction to aircraft engineering as well as work on an Airfield Safety Handbook for their community airfield. We all say a big Ayekoo to these young people for their dedication and efforts towards rural developments, and to all in Kete Krachi for their efforts towards sustainable rural aviation. Photo courtesy Medicine on the Move

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