Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Photo of the week, September 28st

The Integrated National Schistosomiasis Control Initiative - or Bilharzia control concepts - team are working hard to put together a conference next year to co-ordinate efforts between agencies, organisations and teams involved in combating this 'second most socio-economic devastating parasitic infection, after malaria'. Ghana is thought to experience around 15,000,000 cases per year, predominantly around the Volta Basin. Reaching these people in the Infrastructurally Isolated Communities is the biggest challenge in combating the infection, and the key to having an impact on it. Communities like this one, on the River Sene, are best spotted by air and then supported by combined air and water based transport solutions. It is a big challenge - but together we can make Bilharzia a thing of the past.... Photo Credit Medicine on the Move

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