Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photo of the week, February 1

Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) affects millions of people in Ghana (and much of Africa). Easily prevented, easily treated. Yet, it is the second most socio-economic devastating parasitic infection in Ghana, and it takes over 200,000 lives in Sub-Saharan Africa EVERY year. Using four simple rules, this disease (and others) can be reduced or even eradicated, 1) Wash you hands before eating 2) only drink filtered/boiled/clean water 3) do not bathe or play directly in the lakes and rivers 4) do not urinate or defecate at the waters edge or in the water - use a proper latrine instead. Sadly, many of our communities are hard to reach and often the understanding is not complete. Here we see a urinal at the edge of the Volta (at Kpong) which is NOT good - the run off directly to the water is simply increasing the spread of infections (and is right next to where food is sold). Find out more about the Integrated National Schistosomiasis Control Initiative... it could change millions of lives - perhaps one of your family's too! Photo courtesy of Medicine on the Move

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