Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo of the week, may 2nd 2012

Many people in Ghana live and work far from access roads, power and clean water supplies. These same people are working hard to farm the lands around them, generally using only light hand tools, with no irrigation systems. At times we fly over and can barely spot the homesteads; their presence only divulged by the hand worked fields that surround these abodes. We must ask ourselves 'If they achieve so much with so little, how much more could they achieve if given some opportunities and support?' We will only know when they are given such support, but it would appear that they are people worth investing in - and that the return on investment would be of a higher than usual rate! Photo Courtesy of Medicine on the Move (

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  1. Cool!! I am still on the learning side of the coin. I might be able to teach in like 20 years or something!!!