Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Photo of the week July 11th, 2012

Ghana is incredibly beautiful, especially when viewed from the air. Here we see Akuse Junction, looking towards the Volta. Note how the tributary rivers are visible by the increased squiggly line vegetation; how the communities form ribbons around the lines of transport that carry their goods and clients; enjoy the contrast given by the clouds sitting just two thousand feet above the surface, casting their shadows. We have a Nation to be proud of. Sadly, when you get closer you will see how we are destroying the natural beauty with random disposal of rubbish and haphazard developments that fail to meet safety standards, and roads that are desperately in need of maintenance. Look again at the beauty of this image and consider how we treat our homeland - we only have the one - let us take better care of it, and its people, for a long and happy future. Photo courtesy of WAASPS Ltd

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