Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photo of the week July 18th, 2012

Ghana is beginning to see the implementation of centre-pivot-irrigation agricultural systems. Those familiar with successful agricultural practices in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, etc. are familiar with the method and the wonderful shapes that they scribe upon the surface of the planet. Several parts of our country are now showing signs of being ready to generate crop benefits for local consumption, as well as exports, through such techniques and technology.

Ghana is not alone in suffering from rain fed crop production, as we hear of potential crop failures in the USA, principally in areas that rely on rain-fed agriculture; coupled with the clear changes in our climatic conditions, developments such as this are clearly a step towards food security as well as foreign currency income (from exports).

Such a complex system of irrigation is not necessary in all cased....however, a greater understanding of the Return On Investment that suitable irrigation offers should provided the management tool necessary to take practical steps forwards. Our farmers need to increase their knowledge about irrigation solutions, and be ready to make the extra effort that may well help mitigate against crop damage risks through lack of appropriate timing and quantity of rain. Photo Courtesy of WAASPS Ltd

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