Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photo of the week January 16th, 2013

The Harmattan Haze disrupts our horizontal visibility far more than the vertical visibility, as all pilots in West Africa are painfully aware! This vertical shot of a group of islands in the Volta was taken before the Harmattan, from about one thousand feet (300m) above the islands, using a Rotax powered, built in Ghana, Zenith CH701 light aircraft with a locally developed vertical camera mount and remote release mechanism for a Canon T2 camera. It shows the incredible beauty, and understanding of the surrounding water channels, that we can gain from simply looking down at a piece of land. More and more developments are using aerial photography to assess potential sites for their operations, saving themselves time and funds by so doing - often finding new opportunities that they had not imagined from the ground! There are several operators in Ghana who offer aerial photos and survey solutions, each specialising in their own particular field. Whether for mining, publicity, agriculture, mapping, LIDAR or just for the pleasure, aerial photographs provide inspiration and enlightenment. Photo courtesy of WAASPS Ltd 028 5075254

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