Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Photo of the week March 13th, 2013

Yesterday, the 12 March 2013, saw the first aerial supply drops into the Afram Plains. One of the communities, called Abomosarefo (meaning land of the hunters), was hosting a football competition, and play was suspended whilst the excited children cleared the school field, ready to receive vital information about Schistosomiasis and related matters. Aerial supply of health education materials increases the impact of the message and creates massive interest in the contents. More importantly, the timely, cost effective, nature of aerial delivery makes it increasingly attractive in the more rural parts of Ghana. The pilot for the first run into the Afram Plains was Patricia Mawuli, and Lydia Wetsi (a disabled student pilot) acted as drop master. All of the deliveries landed perfectly and the communities visibly showed their excitement at receiving such support. Photo courtesy of Medicine on the Move

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