Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Photo of the week March 6th, 2013

'This natural monument on the road to Adawso stands proudly against the morning sky. There are many sites rich with tourist, agricultural and economic potential all around us. The nearby ferry crossing from Adawso to Ekye-Amanfrom takes you into the one of the rarely-visited marvels of Ghana, the Afram Plains. Full of potential, with rich soils and easy access to irrigation, a willing population, and relatively easy to clear for agricultural and tourism opportunities The contrast of driving down from the Kwahu Ridge towards the Afram leg of the lake, magnificently lined by natures artistry, against the flatness of the land on the other side of the 3km crossing is dramatic. If you have never visited the Afram Plains, make an effort to do so, and discover a part of Ghana that holds great potential. Photo Courtesy of Patricia Mawuli'

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