Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photo of the week April 24th, 2013

Many communities in Ghana suffer from access issues. Here we see a peninsula in the Afram Plains - where there are many, many communities. Road access is limited, perhaps only a motorcycle can reach them, provided there is no heavy rain. Sadly, the Okada service, that may have been a lifeline to hospital and market for rural dwellers, is banned and those riding on the same are threatened with imprisonment. These citizens of Ghana work hard to make their living and take risks as they use motorcycles or boats to get to their destinations. Regulatory oversight of the service providers, with regulations appropriately designed and enforced, would help to protect them. There are many thousands of communities in Ghana lacking infrastructural connectivity, all with men, women and children struggling to make a living, hoping for opportunities to help them in their condition. All subject to the same regulations as the cities. Infrastructural access is taken for granted by those who have it. Spare a thought for the families who have none of the infrastructural access that you are enjoying today. Photo courtesy of Medicine on the Move

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