Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photo of the Week, April 13th

As Ghana gears up for the recognition of 25 years of its 'Ghana Civil Aviation Authority', we look back to 1920, when the British Government sent a team to look for potential sites for airfields in the. then, Gold Coast- a full 8 years before the first landing of an aircraft in the territory (1928 Takoradi Harbour, a Shorts Singapore seaplane, flown by Sir Alan Cobham). With Akuse as a British strategy point at that time, it is not surprising that Akuse and Kpong were both on that list. Today, Kpong has a growing private airfield, and is one of the best kept and most ecologically friendly airfields in West Africa, as well as a base for Humanitarian Aviation Logistics operations. Photo courtesy WAASPS Ltd.

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