Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Photo of the Week, May 18th

Lakeside communities in the Afram Plains are often infra-structurally isolated.  The absence of regular, or in many cases any, motorised vehicles made obvious by the crazed paving lines walked endlessly through the community.  As you look at the lake edge you can see the agricultural energy being expended as the lake levels recede, providing a window of opportunity to grow on the banks before the inevitable rise again later in the year.  The risk of Bilharzia high, since, for lack of alternatives, this community drinks, bathes and lives with the risks of the man-made water body.  Evidence of new constructions provide testimony to losses experienced during last years all time highs on the lake, and the school yard proof that being rural is not a sign of lacking vision.  Photo Courtesy of Medicine on the Move

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