Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photo of the week, November 9th

Transport of goods and people on the lake is principally by canoe - and, as we can see here, all sorts of items are carried aboard locally manufactured boats.  Our 'barely fifty year old National Resource of Lake Volta' is beginning to come of age. However, accessibility to take basic healthcare, education and 'safety at work' messages to these communities is not easy, and yet, these lake edges are key areas for Agricultural and Piscicultural developments.  Without health, safety and education development of these vast areas will be slow.  When did you last visit one of the picturesque villages around the lake - or better still fly over a part of the lake to appreciate the magnitude of it all?  If you have not made that effort, you are missing out on so much that Ghana has to offer!  Photo Courtesy of Medicine on the Move

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