Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Photo of the week, November 2nd

Last week the Volta Lake was graced by the largest vessel ever to float upon it, as six barges were magnificently navigated from Buipe to Akosombo by VLTC's Captain Abdulai Seini and his crew. The Volta Lake is one of our Nations under estimated, under utilised resources. Whether as a source of transport, irrigation, fish farms or tourist attractions, the Volta has 'gallons' of potential, with its estimated eight thousand kilometer coastline, thousands of villages, ecological diversity and aesthetic beauty that can hold you spell bound for months on end. Discover more about our nations lake resource - and prepare to be surprised! Photo by WAASPS Ltd ( courtesy of Volta Lake Transport Company.'

(Selassy, I have sent this at FULL resolution, in case you want to make a slightly bigger image, since it is magnificent and a great achievement.... we have many more HQ photos of this and other 'sights' around the Volta should you want to run a 'special' on Lake Volta in the future - perhaps a centre-fold? Perhaps with some advertising from VRA, VLTC, etc.... just an idea, and perhaps a solution for us to 'raise some revenue' from all we provide you too!!! )

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